Schedule an Appointment:

1. Please review the instructions below and then for medication management.

2. Select an appointment date and time convenient to you.

3. Complete the form.(tip- Select “Cash” for the payment method if you cannot find your insurance listed. You can add your insurance information to the intake forms).

5. Text us at 703-589-9964 with your name and message that you have requested an appointment. We will process your request and send you the intake forms shortly after.

6. Once the forms are complete, we will send you a link and instructions to set up our app for the virtual appointment.

Thank you.

How to connect with your provider for your appointment?

At the time of the appointment, tap on the telehealth URL in their email or text. The Telehealth page opens in a new browser window.

Enter your name and tap Continue. The Request Permissions page opens.

Tap Request Permissions to activate their camera and microphone.

Tap Allow using the microphone and camera for the appointment. The provider’s room opens.

Note: If the patient does not allow access to their microphone and camera, they may experience issues with the visit room’s microphone and/or camera.

Tap Knock to let the provider know you have arrived for the appointment. An image of the patient is sent to the provider. The Waiting Room opens.

Please wait for a reply from the provider or to be let into the visit room in the waiting room.

The patient is let into the room once the provider is ready to begin the telehealth visit.

To leave the visit, the tap Leave.

Please note: Chrome is the preferred browser for optimal use for Kareo Telehealth. If you are experiencing issues with the microphone and/or camera, review Telehealth Microphone and Camera Settings in Chrome.

Thank you,